Summit Club

These are individuals, families, organizations, and companies that are reaching out to really make a different by joining the SKIHAWKS Racing Team “Summit Club.”

Club membership is for individuals and families who donate to the team at the level of $750 or more.

The $750 mark is the cost per athlete for all alpine, nordic, and snowboarding program elements offered by the SKIHAWKS Racing Team. These costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Racing equipment

  • athlete transportation to training an races

  • athlete and family year-round social events (a vital part of our support for athletes and their families.)

  • and financial assistance for as many athletes as possible who demonstrate financial need.

SKIHAWK athletes and their families typically pay for about 35% of program costs, leaving 65% of the cost for the SKIHAWKS organization to cover, which amounts to an annual fundraising goal of $20,000.

Thirty new and renewing SKIHAWKS Summit Club Members annually would get us to our $20,000 goal!

This is a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in supporting the special athletes of the SKIHAWKS Racing Team.