Skihawks Leadership

Head Coaches


Sandee Brock: Alpine Head Coach

Sandee is one of the founders of the Skihawks Racing Team along with the late Gordy Brock. She has a selfless commitment and a passion for providing people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to enjoy a high quality of life through winter sports, and off season team events.  In 1982 the Skihawks had one lone athlete, and today they have over 80 participants.  Her favorite memories have always included the smiling faces of her team members as they engage with others!


George Kolar: Snowboard Head Coach

I started snowboarding 20 years ago, and have been part of the Skihawks for 14 years. I enjoy getting to know and love a bunch of people that I would never have met otherwise. The competitive side of me loves racing, and beating all the young coaches down the course.


Shelly Nance: Nordic Head Coach

I’ve been with Skihawks team for 10 years. I LOVE seeing the athletes cross the finish line, feeling proud after giving their all. I really appreciate all of their hard work during practices and love being part of the team!




Lura Dunn: Alpine Lead

I started Nordic skiing at age 18 and crossed over to Alpine skiing a year later. I have been with the Skihawks team since the 1991/92 season after moving to Seattle from Spokane where I also coached with a ski team that participated in Special Olympics. It's hard to pick out a favorite Skihawks memory because I have so many of them!  My favorite memories are of our athletes cheering each other on in the race course, helping each other with their equipment and the smiles that they wear as they march into the Opening Ceremonies at the State Winter Games! 


Amy Mogridge: Alpine Lead

Amy Mogridge - I've been skiing since two years of age and I have been  involved with Skihawks since 1987. My favorite memory since becoming involved  with the team... it is so hard narrowing it down to one... I have loved being a part of the evolution of the team, how it has grown and shaped  itself into what it is today. We have athletes who have been on the team  for many many years. So even though they have made many lifelong friendships, they also welcome new people with open arms.


Jason Nicklen: Race Crew Lead

I've been skiing and snowboarding since I was 7 years old. I've been volunteering for skiforall for 15 years. My favorite thing about Skihawks is watching all the athletes having so much fun every year.


Susan MacRae:  Lead Nordic Volunteer

My skiing adventures began at age 7 in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where I promptly proceeded to brake my leg - oops! Cross country skiing became part of my repertoire during college in upstate New York. I joined Skihawks 7 years ago at the encouragement of my twin sister, Pam - long time Skihawks coach. I come back year after year because I love spending time with this team of truly special athletes and huge-hearted volunteers who have become my dear friends and extended family. My best memories come from seeing an athlete's exuberance when they learn a new skill, celebrating Crazy Hat Day together, and experiencing the camaraderie of State Games as music plays, smiles abound, and skiing is at its best.


Team Captains


Michael Zunick: Current Team Captain

I started skiing at age 6!!  This will be my 9th season skiing for the Skihawks.  I am on the advanced downhill team!!  I think my favorite memory of Skihaws is when Michaela, Shea and I skied down right by the chairlift at Hayak on the Sunday after regionals.  It was so much fun in the snow, and working so hard on finding a way down the hill on the black diamond run. Everyone had fun doing it, and trying out a new challenge.


Miles Travis: Co-Captain

I have been skiing for 26 years. I have been with the Skihawks about 18 years - GO SKIHAWKS!!!!!!! My best memories are the events and State Tournament of Special Olympics. I loved skiing with Kirill, and I enjoy skiing with my friends Kathie and Archie, Shawn and Emily, and of course my coach Tim.


Board of Directors


We are a all volunteer working board.  The Skihawks could not function without it's dedicated volunteers and especially it's Board of Directors (BOD).

We want to thank the BOD for their leadership and dedication.  The BOD attends monthly meetings, plans races and events, raises funds for the team, and plans year round activities including annual picnic and Awards Banquet.   The BOD also has advisory committees and special events committees.  If you want to help out or get involved contact Shelly Nance ( or Tracy Wertman ( for more details. 


Executive Director - Sandee Brock

President - Shelly Nance

Vice President - Tracy Wertman

Secretary - Bre Forkner

Treasurer - Brian Gary

Amy Mogridge

Dale Martin

Anne Martin

Maurice Godfrey

Michael Zunick

George Kolar

Leslie Kinkade

Scott Breckenridge

Ray Konecke

RB Brown

Matt Reisenauer

Stefanie Saranson

Miles Travis

Lura Dunn

Robert Ewen

Keith Bean

Steve Bell